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Across The Pond - QAF Fic Archive - Help us keep it ALIVE!!! [3-29-10 ]

Okay fellow Queer As Folk fans ... UK Qaf, US Qaf, or both!!! ALL PAIRING PREFERENCES!!!!

If you want to keep the ATP Archive up and running - please read this information.

Some of you may know I am an archivist at the Across The Pond QAF Fiction Archive. It's been many years of hard work, but not a little pairing drama...lol (just teasing) - but through it all, there has always been one place that served as an archive for all pairing choices and all versions of the show "Queer As Folk".

Now we all have our own pairing favs, and in some cases, we may also have our pairing specific archives. But all of us know that there is value in diversity, and having a wider selection can yield many rewards.

And now, in the spirit of hope, I'm asking for your help to keep the archive alive. Please read the information below, and know that ANYTHING you can give is greatly appreciated.

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Please remember - You can make a difference, even if in the short term. Many thanks in advance.


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[7-9-08 ]
I wanted to inform everyone of our new community queensoftarts We are a challenge based community that features all aspect of the QAF fandom!

Right now we have a couple of challenges going on..our two fic main challenges ending July 31st are: Sleepover and Weddings.

We are also running a little challenge we call: Three Little Words..we take three little words and you can create whatever you want as long as it includes those words (in the case of drawings, icons and wallpaper we like the ACTUAL objects to be there not just the words) The three words starting off this challenge is: Oil, Music, Lights, this ends July 15th.

We are also running a challenge under the theme LOVE/FRIENDSHIP for vids as well as icons, this ends July 31st!

Our community is a VERY open minded place where everything is welcome! Our only guidelines are that it needs to be QAF!

Come and check us out!
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UK/US X-Over Fic [8-22-05 ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Title: Chance Meeting
Author: ficklemuse
Summary: Michael meets someone new on Liberty Avenue. (x-over from UK QAF and US QAF)
Rating: R (A bit of naughty language)
Disclaimer: Not mine. But they’re not yours either so nanner nanner nanner.
Warning: Spoilers for Season 4. Take a sharp twist after the thing with Ben and Anthony.

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[8-16-05 ]

[15]Michael Novotny from Queer as Folk for icons100
Themes:[o7. Hope][o6. Tears][15.Green][13.Alone][11.Wicked][o1.All is Right][o5.Beautiful]
Notes: This is batch 3: 41-55. Batch 1 and Batch 2
[10]QAF Series finale and various.


Cue the Pulse to Begin

[7-13-05 ]

Subject: Michael Novotny from Queer as Folk
Themes:[22. Blue][34. Fury][24. Mmm Yum!][36. Secrets][39.Sorrow] [37.Snarky][40.Joy][28. Glory][21. Trouble in Paradise]
Additional Notes: Batch 2; 21-40. Commenting is love, credit in KEYWORDS, no hotlinking or modifying. All are made for the challenge community icons100. Join/Watch purposeicons. Please :)



[7-7-05 ]

Subject: Michael Novonty from Queer as Folk
Themes: [o5; Love][o6.Companionship][o7.Smile][o8.Reminisce][10.Misery][12.Mine][14.Embrace][16.Colorful][15.My Drug][17.I've Been Bad]
Additional Notes: Batch 1-20. Commenting is love, credit in KEYWORDS, no hotlinking or modifying. All are made for the challenge community icons100.


[ Superhero Lives in You ]

[2-13-05 ]

[ mood | bored ]

Alright, well, yes I'm new here... I've been wanting to see Queer as Folk for so long, but I can't get my dad to get rid of MAX and get Showtime =( So I've been renting the DVDs... But, my favorite character is, of course, Michael, and that is why I am here. *nods*

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[7-13-04 ]

[ mood | happy ]

okay y'all, eons ago (wait- last week lol), I made a Ben and Mikey fanart banner.

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MICHAEL [7-13-04 ]

[ mood | relaxed ]

How cute did he look getting married!!!!!Can't wait for the season finale.

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[6-18-04 ]

[ mood | happy ]

holy shit! guess what certain Siderman promo i found-

the one with hal sparks in it!!!!!!!!

that is all. lol W00T!

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