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Michael Novotny

A Superhero.....

A Community for all Michael Novotny Fans!!!!
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Hello all Michael Novotny Fans! Welcome to the First and best Michael Novotny Community on Live Journal! This community is basically a community for all Mikey fans, the lovable, sweet and most understandable person on Queer as Folk.

Why Mikey?
Personally I think Michael Novotny is the greatest friend you could ask for. He is understandable, sweet, loving, and caring. Out of the entire Queer as Folk characters, I think he is the one who is always happy, tries to look at the positive side of things, and is always there for his friends. He takes the time to listen and understand Brian, which few people do. He is a down to earth character, and no matter what happens he always tries to make the most of it. It is impossible to dislike Michael Novotny.

In order to be part of this community you must follow the rules below, if you disobey any of the rules you will be banned, but if you follow them, you’ll be alright^^

1. A Michael Novotny fan (of course)
2. Respect other people’s opinion
3. Respect the community and its members
4. You can post icons here
5. If you want to post spoilers (for QaF) post them under an lj-cut
6. You can post fan fiction or fan art
7. Anything to do with Michael is fine! ^^
8. Anything to do with Queer as Folk is fine as well, but it has to be Michael related. Michael has to be in there somewhere, if you get what I’m saying^^
9. Have Fun!



The Credits
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